Ver crashes when moving in Outliner

I have not seen any reports of something similar to this on the forum.

I am using Scrivener on Win XP and Win 7 Starter PCs.

Scrivener sporadically crashes when changing the indent level (Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+right) in the
Outliner, on both systems. By crash, I mean the program ends without error message or warning or saving or backing up, and I have to restart it.

I am able to consistently recreate this issue with a new project, hopefully you can too. Please see the steps below.

  1. Create new Project Test, from template “Novel (with Parts)”
  2. Select Manuscript in Binder
  3. Select Outliner View
  4. Select Vertical Split
  5. Left Pane: Select “Auto Open selection in other pane”
  6. Left Pane: Expand all
  7. Left Pane: Ctrl-Left on the 3rd Scene from the top
  8. Left Pane: Immediately single click on the Chapter above the 3rd Scene
  9. Scrivener crashes.

I believe this also sporadically happens with changes to Binder indents, but I cannot recreate it.

If you are able to recreate this error, can you please let me know whether the program crash may have corrupted my project? Also, please let me know if you’d like additional info.

Thanks for creating such a wonderful tool! :smiley:

One additional note: the split pane seems to be related to the underlying cause. I don’t experience this issue unless the pane is split, so that is my workaround until this is fixed.

Thanks for the report and detailed steps. I was able to reproduce the crash following your instructions and have logged it for the developers.

Most likely all you’d experience in a crash like this is that you’d lose anything since the last save. If your auto-save is set to go every two seconds of inactivity, as it is by default, you’re not likely to lose anything you’ve written, but you’ll probably reopen the project to find all the rearranging you’ve just done in the outliner back to where you started. It’s not likely any files would actually be damaged by the crash.

I’d be sure to save before you start shifting items in the outliner, and if you want to be extra cautious, run a backup as well (e.g. File > Back Up > Back Up To… or triggering the automatic backup via File > Back Up > Back Up Now). Avoiding the split screen, since that seems part of the trigger, will also help. (It may even be that the linked editors is needed, in which case just toggling that off while working will solve the problem, but I haven’t determined if that’s the case.)

Thanks for the fast reply Jennifer.

I am happy you were able to recreate the issue!

I had already been saving/backing up before any Outliner changes. But turning off the linked editors is a great idea, as it is much easier than closing/reopening/resizing/repositioning the other pane. I will definitely give it a try.

Also, thanks for the feedback that probably no files were damaged. That was my biggest concern!


I just recognized something similar in several Scrivener projects of mine - but with the Corkboard view.
Version =
Also “vertical split”,
also “Automatically open …”.
If I move a card around by Ctrl-right|left|… it works fine the first time. But doing it the second or sometimes third time Scrivener crashes!
When I remove the vertical split all is ok.
Even with vertical split and without “Automatically open …” works.
I prefer to not use the “Automatically open …”


Thanks, thomaski! This is definitely all part of the same bug. Good to know that disabling the “auto-load” feature also prevents triggering the bug for you.