Ver (Win 10) does not open

Installed the update, and now scrivener does not open. uninstalled the application, reinstalled. Base version opened fine. Updated the install, and now it won’t open. Have spent 1:15 replicating this; i see talk about fonts complicating its operation - but i have no fonts installed except standard stuff that came with the OS. Shall I just go back to the base version and ignore all updates? IS there a fix? :cry:

You might want to directly contact tech support via e-mail, as discussed here … tion-email

A couple of possibilities that come to mind:

Hope that is of some assistance.

You might try the ScrivenerLog tool, within the installation folder, and see if it works for you generating some useful output. You can read and try my comment here: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=36396#p224692