Version 1.01 has arrived well

And working with it the entire morning, I have not found any issues yet.
Thank you for updating!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the report.


I just updated to the latest and in the notes for the update it says Scrivener iOS now supports templates and it was added in the Tutorial section, but I can’t seem to find it and since I use templates, I’d like to learn how on iOS. Can you direct me to where that information is?

Thank you for continuing the fantastic work!

The tutorial should request an update if it detects it is older than the current version, but perhaps that didn’t work. Try resetting it manually from the “Getting Help” screen. If you are looking at the correct tutorial, you’ll know it by a “Templates” folder, found between Research and Trash. Drill into “The Main Interface” folder to read about using it.

Thank you! I did need to reset the tutorial to find that information. Works fantastic!!! :slight_smile:

That didn’t happen for me either. I’m wondering if it happened for anyone who had loaded the 1.0 tutorial.

No automatic update for me. I needed to manually reset the tutorial on both my iPad and iPhone.

Interesting, it did happen for me, but I’m probably not a good example as I’ve been using internal test builds off and on in between then and now.

Looks like the dropbox syncing issues were fixed. Scrivener would crash and would not reopen if I had the same project open on my iPad Pro and iPhone 7 at the same time and synced one of them. I was going to go to Ulysses but changed my mind after I saw that was fixed.

Super pleased with this update. Template support is a huge plus for me - no more workarounds now with Editorial. Scrivener recognised my templates folder in my project automatically and it’s working very well!