Version 1.6.2 downloaded via in app upgrade, OK?

I appear to have managed to snag Windows version 1.6.2 on a recent in app update (30 October), whereas the current official version is 1.6.1.

Question is, is it a genuine 1.6.2 that’s buggy and so got pulled (so I need to go back to 1.6.1), or is it actually 1.6.1 with the wrong version number (if that makes sense).
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It’s genuine and you’re fine. We released it briefly as an update to 1.6.1 to fix a misleading error message that was getting thrown in cases where it shouldn’t have when registering, but the update numbering caused problems for users running the special NaNoWriMo trial version out now. Consequently we pulled the update and just rolled the changes into 1.6.1 and re-released that version. So the original 1.6.1 release dated 29 Oct has been replaced by an update one dated 31 Oct containing the changes of 1.6.2. The next update will be numbered so that both 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 will be able to recognise it in the check for updates.

There is one additional change that’s in the new 1.6.1 version compared to 1.6.2, which fixes drag and drop from the project keywords window. If that’s a feature you regularly use, you’ll probably want to download the full 1.6.1 installer from the website and install that over your 1.6.2 copy (you don’t need to uninstall first). If it’s something you’ve never touched and don’t care about, you can’t just stick with 1.6.2 and not worry about it.

Thanks for that Jennifer. I’ve actually reverted to 1.6.1, just to stay on the latest released version, seeing as it’s got any 1.6.2 changes and should there be further issues with it we’ll know what version is being used.