Version failed to open after updating

Could not get this version to open. This has happened once before with a previous update.
My husband went through the following steps to get it to run:

  1. uninstalled it
  2. deleted it from the registry
  3. reinstalled it
  4. didn’t run
  5. ran compatibility settings on it
  6. finally ran.

It’s okay now, but it makes me reluctant to update again ever. The troubleshooting took an hour out of my work time (and his). Glad I have a tech-savvy husband. isn’t starting for me either. Log shows it getting through fonts, then loading project, then a never ending stream of “Warning: QSettings: RegEnumValue failed:” errors. Funny thing is that it worked (after months of not working, pre-1.9.7) right after first installing 1.9.7, then broke again. Shouldn’t be like this…

I gave up…after management laid the blame on us/are computers… I moved everything over to
Quoll Writer(free) and if that doesn’t satisfy…I’ll go to another freebie Ywriter5 or 6
Sure I could use 1.9.0 but I paid for this product and all it’s updates… Not a happy camper here!!