Version 1 bugfixes for NaNoWriMo beta users?

I’m running the NaNoWriMo beta version. I am sufficiently impressed with Scrivener that I fully intend to purchase version 1.0… But I’m hoping to get my 50k words and the 50% discount first.

Meanwhile, as mentioned here [url]] and other places in the forums, there’s an annoying bug with the beta that makes the keyboard response seem to hesitate pretty frequently. This makes Scrivener useless to me for actual writing (though I’m still using it to corral all my research).

Assuming this bug (and presumably others) have been fixed in the 1.0 release, is there any way we WriMos can get the bugfixes without purchasing the released version? Not that the full price isn’t quite reasonable, but the hope of 50% off at the end of the month provides a little extra motivation to get the creative juices flowing, y’know? :slight_smile:

Thanks - Greg

Thanks for your interest! There have been performance improvements in 1.0, with a fixes for a few bugs that were causing lag especially when working with Scrivenings sessions. Although there isn’t a NaNoWriMo trial update, you could uninstall that version and download the standard 1.0 trial; it will last for 30 days of use, which will be enough to get you through November and give you a chance to earn your 50% off code before purchasing a license if you decide to do so.