Version 1 freezes

I’ve installed Version 1 on my XP machine but I can’t get it to run at all. After happily using several Betas I am now completely unable to work on Scrivener.

Version 1 launched one time and even let me set my preferences. But it was going very slowly, taking up to 10 seconds for a page to appear, so I closed it and launched it again and then it froze. That is, it displays one page of text (the last page I was looking at in Beta 049), with binder and meta panels, and doesn’t let me do anything else. Even the the little Trial nag box freezes, top bar shows “not responding.” I have to go to Task Manager to “end now.” The preference changes did stick, however.

I’m running XP with SP2, and I suspect that may be the problem, even though Scrivener does lanuch before it freezes. During the installation I looked at the release notes, which outlined a procedure to follow for XP machines with less than SP3, if a problem exists. But I now can’t find the release notes to try that fix and I didn’t make a note of those instructions.

Is that requirement for SP3 new to Version 1? I don’t recall it on the betas, and they were running okay on the same SP2 version of XP, same machine? If that is a new requirement, please just point me to the release notes so I can try that fix. If it is not new, there is something else going on.

OldRafe (RS)

Please, please, when may I expect a reply to this? I posted the above last night and I see that many messages that were posted later than mine have been addressed, and mine has not.

Not having a reply, I uninstalled the program, deleted the installer, downloaded the installer again, installed, took careful notes of the release note instructions this time, did the Microsoft C++ exercise and received confirmation that that was done.

But then, the un-install program within Scrivener was broken (it had not been properly installed, according to a message during the install), and the windows add/remove program told me that scrivener had already been removed. So I have not been able to uninstall this time, in order to try it with the C++ matter repaired. Meanwhile, when I try to launch Scrivener I get that same page I mentioned above, with the proper panels, and the nag box, but everything is immediately frozen. The hour glass and then, after a minute, “not responding.” Same result whether I click on the “Try” button or the “enter license” buttonn in the nag box.

So I am now completely blocked from doing any work on my project for the second day. My guess is that I should just try to delete the Scrivener program and install again, but I know that deletion is not as complete as an uninstall or a “remove”, so I need some expert advice before I do that.

So to refine my question, in oder to remove the existing installation, what else must I do besides deleting the Scrivener folder and everything in it.

Sorry for the delay; there’s a lot going on and I’m communicating with Lee about this to check the system requirements, as you’re right, the SP3 requirement is new and I want to double-check the differences to see if that’s likely to be the problem here. If you have no objection to upgrading your OS, it certainly won’t hurt to give it a try, but I can’t say definitely if that’s going to fix the problem you’re experiencing. UPDATE: All right, SP 3 v. SP 2 shouldn’t make a difference provided you have the C++ runtime files installed (which are included in SP3); you clearly do, or else Scrivener wouldn’t run at all on your machine, so you don’t need to worry about updating the service pack. Try following the rest of the steps to completely uninstall and reinstall and see if that gets you running.

If you’re unable to run the uninstall.exe as an admin and Windows doesn’t see the program, you can just go ahead and delete the Scrivener directory and then install fresh with 1.0. (In fact, I’d go ahead and clear your browser cache, then redownload from here to get 1.0.1.) Make sure of course that you haven’t saved your projects inside the Scrivener directory–if for some reason they’re in there, move them somewhere else before nuking the directory. Before installing 1.0, double-check that you don’t have any other betas installed still on the machine (e.g. you may have installed to your Documents folder at some point or installed to a directory named “Scrivener-beta049” or the like). It sounds like you didn’t uninstall 049 before installing 1.0, and it will be best to completely remove any betas so that you’ll have a fresh slate for the 1.0 install.

After you’ve done that and installed 1.0, when you launch Scrivener it should just take you to the new project panel rather than opening your last work, since the uninstall/install process should clear your Recent Projects list. You’ll need to open via Open Existing Projects, navigating to your project’s location in the browser. (If you’re unsure where the projects are saved, try doing a Windows search for “.scriv” and checking the file path on the results.) You’ll also need to reset your preferences and any customizations to the toolbars, but your custom templates, personal word list, and saved compile settings will still all be stored in your user Application Data folder.

One other note–if during the installation process you get an error during the check to see whether Microsoft Runtime is required, ignore it and just click through it. There seems to be an issue with running the MS check and installer for those files as part of the installation process, but as you’ve been running the betas, your machine clearly already has the files installed, so you don’t need to worry about this. It will tell you installation may not complete correctly, but it will, so just let it go through to the end and then try launching Scrivener.

Thanks, MM.

I suppose I’ll have to upgrade to SP 3 eventually, but I’m told it can sometimes be a time-consuing heacache-producing process, so I’d rather not go through that at the moment unless it becomes absolutely necessary to get Scrivener to run.

I’m going to follow your other suggestions right now and will report back.


Still stuck; Scrivener still freezes. I deleted the Scrivener directory and the previous install files. Downloaded the installer again from the page you linked me to. Ran the install. During installation I got that delay where it is checking the C++ file. Then an error message, similar to if not identical to the previous ones, “problem creating uninstaller… installation may not have completed correctly.”

I clicked through the error messages and the installation completed. But when I try to launch the program the result is exactly as before; freeze, hour-glass icon in the nag box, and when I try to click anywhere else nothing happens. That same page (last one I looked at in beta) with the binder and meta panels, stay open, and after a while I get the “not responding” message on both the nag box and the program title line, and I eventually I get the end now button.

Here are a couple of points that may help you figure this out.
– The uninstall file within the scrivener directory is again no good: it shows 0 kb in size. And there is another file below it called uninstbr.000 Just like the previous instance, so I could not uninstall that way.
– Scrivener does NOT show up in the Windows Add/Remove list.
– When Scrivener opened it did not go to New Projects as you predicted, but somehow found my existing project. When I try it with another user account, which has no existing project, it does go to New Projects, and freezes there.
– It also somehow picked up at least one of the preference settings that I changed during that one brief instance when Version 1 worked,as I explained in my first post above. That setting was the one that shows in the binder how many files are within each folder or file. The binder is visible during the freezes and those numbers are all there.
–FInally, during installation, my Kaspersky anti-virus detects “similarity” to “PDM Root File,” but then “allows” it. And afterwards Kaspersky shows no existing problems. I think I got the same messages during the several beta installations, which all worked okay, so I doubt the trouble is there.

I suppose whatever hidden file is identifying my project is also screwing things up. What and where could it be?

I’m not sure why the uninstaller is not created properly in this instance, this is not happening on other XP machines? I will follow-up on that with the install provider. However, that will not effect the running of Scrivener as Scrivener is already fully installed before the uninstaller in installed.

This could be a corrupt project issue, have you tried moving your current .scriv project to another location so that Scrivener is forced to open the new project dialog as it can’t find the last project. Create a new project if you can and see if you still experience these issues with a new project. Whilst you can delete the registry keys, I would not recommend this, especially for registered users, as you’ll loose all your registration information and be kicked back into trial mode.

Also, I’m going to remove the XP SP3 requirement from the system requirements. Scrivener runs on XP without a single service pack as long as the Microsoft C++ Redistributable Runtime 2008 is installed. This redistributable was part of the SP3 for XP released 5/6/2008. However, many machines already have this runtime even without a single XP service pack as lots of third party software use it and may have installed it before. So, I put it there as a requirement to be safe, but it seems to be causing more confusion so we’re better off just getting folks to install the runtime if Scrivener will not start rather than saying they need XP SP3 when they only need XP and the 2008 runtime.



Before I saw your latest post I saw MM’s, which apparently has been removed, and I followed the instructions there. Deleted the scrivener directory, deleted the scrivener entry on the registry, rebooted, ran the installation again. The summary result is that scrivener still freezes on me and I am unable to work in it.

Here are the details.

I clicked through those error messages on the install. Scrivener launched okay, showed the New Project screen, showed the nag box. Before doing anything else I checked to see if the uninstall.exe had been properly installed, and it had. I clicked Try in the nag box (because even though I have purchased the discount standard version I don’t want to register until the program works) and I thought I was okay, but when I navigated to my project it didn’t seem to take it. Program closed.
Reopened it and my project showed up – it had found it after all. But it was that same first page from my last beta visit, and the whole thing was frozen again, just as before. But without the preference changes.

So I did the whole thing again, although this time I uninstalled properly using the uninstall.exe. I left the registry alone this time because I noted that the scrivener entries in it seemed to be empty of data, which made sense to me because I had not done anything in the program.

Program lanuched, with the freeze. Same page and panels showing. Nag box there. Click on any button in the nag box and the hour glass appears and everything else is not responding, etc etc.

You suggest I start a new project and see if that functions, but I cannot do that because Scrivener now opens with my existing project but everything frozen, so I can’t get beyond the nag box.

I doubt my project is corrupt because it was working beautifully under beta 049 right up to Monday morning when I backed it up and started all this. But I’ll try anything you suggest.

As my project is backed up to a flash drive I’m not worried about that, but as you know I can’t do anything with it without Scrivener to handle the hundred or so numbered un-named files of draft, research, notes, ref, whatever. I hope you can somehow get me up and running soon. I’ve lost two days now and can’t afford to lose many more.

I’ll check in again in about 9 hours from now. Sleep time here.


Sorry about the deleted post; I took it out since I didn’t want other users coming across it given Lee’s suggestion not to touch the registry, but it won’t have done you any harm.

Let’s focus on the project for now. Navigate to the project in Windows explorer and rename the .scriv folder, so e.g. change it from ProjectName.scriv to ProjectNameWONTOPEN.scriv. This will prevent Scrivener from opening it on launch, since the file path will have changed. Try opening Scrivener and see if you can create a new project to work in or open a different project if you’ve got one. The idea is just to see if you can mess around a bit in the program without a freeze.

If that’s successful, would you be willing to send a copy of the project to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so we can take a look at it? It will remain confidential, of course, and will be deleted as soon as we’ve had a chance to check it out, but it may shine a light on the problem here, and if there’s something corrupted with the file itself we might be able to fix that and get you back a working project. To send it, right-click the .scriv folder and choose “Send to / compressed (zipped) folder”, then attach that to the email if it’s 20MB or less. (If it’s larger, we can work out another method of getting it over.)

I had the same problem. I was however able to work in scrivener for a while before it froze when I clicked on project target. After that everything froze, and it didn’t help to restart the program. I renamed my project, that seems to work for now.

Stupid clicked on project target again and it froze again.

Thanks for sticking with this, Jennifer. maybe we’re getting somewhere.

Following your suggestion, I renamed my project folder, launched scrivener, and was able to create a new small project. I 've only put two or three pages into it, but all the parts seem to be functioning correctly and furthermore I was able to register and get activated.

So it seems that the problem does indeed reside in my project. I’m somewhat reluctant to ship it off to you, so before I do that I wonder if there is anything else we could try.

For instance, is it possible that the project got corrupted when it first came in contact with Version 1, and that my backup is okay? In that case, would it make sense to copy my back up back to my hard drive, in a folder with the same name or with a new name, and see if that works?

And/or would it make any sense for me to look through my project folder and my backup folder, using Windows Explorer, to see if there are any missing files, or added files, or files with different sizes? I think the two should be identical except for a couple of the preferences, wherever they are, that I changed in that brief instance of functionality on Monday. (Although those changes were not visible in the most recent freeze view last night.)

I also note in another thread that a similar problem was fixed by the addition of a dll file. Would that relate to my problem?


Problem solved. I copied my good November 7 backup from my flash drive to My Documents, deleted the date information in the folder name, launched Scrivener, clicked Open Existing Project, navigated to the project and its scrivx file, took a deep breath and held it, and clicked open.

And voila, I’m in business.The project opened. Everything seems to be there, and working properly. I confess that before I did all that I fooled around a bit with the expendable test project I created yesterday, to make sure that a project copied back from my back up would work okay

So it seems my guess, based on your and Lee’s mention of file corruption, was correct. Somehow my project got corrupted when it first came in contact with Version 1. But my uncorrupted backup and Version 1.0.1 are playing nicely together, at least at the moment.

So I thank you and Lee again, and I bow down again to backups, which have saved me many times over the years And while I’m on that subject, let me say that the Scrivener policy of backing up to another location on the same machine where the original resides, seems rather pointless to me. If the machine crashes, gets stolen or smashed or burned up in fire or gets hit by lightning (as one of mine once did) the backup will be lost too. I always back up to something that is removed from the machine (or even from the premises) at the end of a working day. Perhaps you could add to the Backup tab an option for an external location.

Now, where was I in my novel…?

Glad you’ve got everything working again now!

You can choose any location you want for your backups. I use Dropbox myself, since that’s always available to me without having an external plugged in, and it syncs to my other machines and so forth so I get the proliferation of backups that way. You could easily choose another drive, etc. Since the backups are set up by default, it has to use a location accessible–hence the AppData folder; there’s obviously no way that the default setting could know if you have an external drive you use for backups, etc. Just go into Tools>General… and click the Backup tab, then click the “Choose” button to select a different location for your backups.

You can also use File > Back Up To… at any point to manually backup the project to any location, so you might want to use one location for the auto backups and then another for the backups you run manually, etc.

Thanks again, Jennifer.

I had not noticed that the Location selector in the backup tab allows for an external location.