Version 1 install

Can we just install the new prod version directly over version 0.49?

It’s recommended that you uninstall any existing betas first so you start with a nice clean slate and don’t pick up any potential lingering buggy settings. This will clear your preferences (things set in Tools>Options and customizations made to your toolbars and such), so you will need to redo those once you’ve installed 1.0. Your custom templates, saved compile settings, etc. will all be saved through the uninstall/reinstall.

Just wanted to report that I followed MM’s advice and had a happy transition from NaNo to 1.0. No problems with registration or with my existing files. Sweet.

I was using the NaNo version and like the crazy person I am I switched to 1.
I compiled all my existing projects.
uninstalled NaNo Version
Installed 1
and happy danced because it looks boootiful

FYI - Scrivener helped me get a 10K word day in yesterday. A huge improvement over the last few years.
:smiley: :smiley:
Back to Nano tonight.

That’s quite a day! :slight_smile: Glad to hear the transition went smoothly.