Version 1 Kindle formatting worse than before

Wow… the mobi (Kindle) formatting appears worse now than it did in version .49! A lot of the tables are not even appearing but just listing out the field data row after row. Also weird characters are showing up and with bulleted lists, some look correct and others have no bullets…

I have handled a few of these issues; however, there definitely seems to be bugs around bulleted lists and line spacing… How do you get anything to double space? No matter what I do, it always comes out single spaced in Kindle compile…?

It appears where the problems occur with the bulleted list is when you start the list at the very top of the document or have an open bullet with no text at the end… If you leave at least one empty line at the start and one at the end, and have no open bullets, it seems to be ok.

Thanks for tracking that down. We’ll have a look at it!

Likewise, e-book tables are on the list, but these are pretty tricky and messy to format and Kindle especially has limited support for these coming from RTF, which is Scrivener’s native format. You may want to try using an image for the time being, which plenty of e-books do.

As for the spacing, the Kindle overrides this formatting on the device to allow readers to adjust the spacing as they prefer, so line-height isn’t something you can (or should) specify when creating the .mobi.