Version 2.7

I just want to thank you for Version 2.7. It has ended all the frustrating crashes that occurred earlier when I typed very rapidly, or mis-hit a key. Thanks! :smiley:

I’ve never heard of a bug like that, but I’m glad to hear it’s gone! :slight_smile:

Hey guys!

Thank you for Scrivener, the best writing app for me!
But please, is it possible to get back the old Corkboard ?
The new one is ugly…

I disagree that the new one is ugly - that’s entirely subjective. The old one, using an actual corkboard texture, goes very much against modern Mac design principles. Apple has got rid of all “skeuomorphic” design elements such as this. However, for those do prefer a texture, it is still available via the “Corkboard” pane of the Preferences.

All the best,