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The ‘automatically open in other editor’ button doesn’t work. My favourite thing in my custom layout in last Scriv vers was that I could click a card and it would open that scene in text in other editor (when button was enabled). This is no longer working in new vers, because the button doesn’t remember to stay on when switching back to single split view, and doesn’t open the clicked card in a new split view from single view when on anyway.
THIS IS A BUG. Please fix and make it function as well as in last vers.

No hotkey shortcut for open in copyholder, which would be extremely useful, especially if this hotkey worked from corkboard, which is my most used view. Spacebar as default hotkey would be great, as this has no default function in corkboard view.

And the card ratio is still set to 2X5 as lowest ratio, whereas the last vers could be set to 1x5, which as you can see above I used to good effect - the purpose of this isn’t simply aesthetic, rather it is to fit ALL scenes on screen at once, which is an invaluable way to view the entire script, and the entire reason for my chosen layout method.

SO PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE reinstate the 1x5 card ratio in corkboard,

Yes, we all get that you want 1x5. Posting it ad-nauseam to every Windows board won’t get it approved for inclusion or further up the queue if already included in the plans.

I don’t speak for the developers, but at this point I’d say their focus is ironing out actual bugs to get a release, not chasing a seemingly endless list of ‘add this, remove that’ requests.

On another of your pleadings (there are so many, can’t remember which thread) you added ‘Android version’. Do a search on Android and you’ll find the answer.

I’m not sure you do get what I want, as the main bulk of my post is reporting a bug, which you conveniently didn’t mention. And I have posted bug reports and requests to the relevant threads - it’s not my fault if these things overlap, and I was just making sure the relevant people read it (some developers may only read bug threads whilst others only read requests, for all we know). This post isn’t for you if you are not a developer at Scrivener, so not sure what the animosity is about.

The Slim cards are ARGUABLY a bug as it was present in the old Scriv vers, and so is a curious ‘amendment’, more likely a bug - hence me reporting it as such.

I don’t know what your last point is referring to.

Chillax. Cheers.

It looks like that it may not actually be a bug. 2x5 is the lowest ratio you can do in Scrivener Mac v3 (I just went and checked to make sure my memory was correct), so this in the beta is just matching Mac functionality – which is the stated purpose of the v3 for Windows release.

I’ll address the last thing first. You want an Android version on one of your many posts? So many I lose track. If you took two minutes to search you’d find the request has been made and answered multiple times. There is an official response.

We get that you want different size cards, reporting as bug, request in multiple posts on multiple threads is just annoying.

You say it’s for the developers, yes on the wish list and bug reports, one or other works but a significant proportion of the help on this forum is from users, including in the bug report and wish lists, so posts are for everyone - public forum. One of the users has in fact answered you above and seems its not a bug. Posting the same thing endlessly on multiple threads could lead to an ‘oh him again’ and could lead to people just skipping your posts and missing an opportunity to help.

And I’m sure the busy developers don’t need to read the same 10 times to get the message.

Not sure this means I cannot/should not request it again. Surely it’s from public desire & pressure that these things come to being. Not to get too deep, but women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, etc. Perhaps it needs to be requested continually until it happens?

I did this in case the developers looking at bugs are different to ones looking at features, as was alluded to when I spoke to tech support.

I acknowledge the public forum help. I am requesting changes in the software, mainly for the developers, but concede that it’s also important to get feedback from other users.

As explained above, they just might. Andy Dufresne…

Thanks for explaining. I understand.

However, I don’t see this is as a valid reason for taking away a function (addressing Scrivener developers now). This function was present in the Scrivener I purchased, and I use it a lot. I don’t see how it would negatively impact on other users if it were to remain (it’s simply one extra level on an existing parameter).

If I was asking for a new feature that was difficult to implement, or effected other things, fair enough. But I’m not. It already existed, and it has been taken away for no good reason.

Please reinstate this Scriv team. I’m sure those that don’t care for it will not mind (why would they?), and it’s a big deal to my workflow.

FYI, the proper forum to address these kinds of requests/discussions that affect Scrivener across all platforms is the Wish List – since the Windows version is following the Mac version’s lead on this, the Windows devs aren’t going to be able to just do this on their own.

Also, the beta forum is now focused on fixing bugs to existing functionality and not feature requests. It’s a busy enough forum (and many people feel like their posts are already not being seen quickly enough because of the level of traffic) that they’ve asked us to NOT put requests for new features in here now until the 3.0 release.

No, if you read any of the dozens of previous Android posts you would know that there will be an Android version, but not until the Win version is released and settled, so constantly asking, pressuring will achieve bugger all except confirming you didn’t bother to search and read to see if there had been requests and responses.

Also if you had read you would know that Keith has said development decisions are not made by popularity contest and ‘me too’, + and other forms of voting up are a waste of time. If you haven’t read, you may not know. Keith is L&L, the original developer of the Mac version, plus iOS.

So, not to get too deep, requesting continually achieves SFA, other than wasting time and electrons.

The dropdown menu for “change icon” is missing on both the Documents tab and if right-clicking on the actual document options list.

Thanks for explaining. I still disagree with your opinion. Sorry. I think constant requests and (polite) consistent pressure is one of the best, tried and tested ways of getting results. It doesn’t matter if it has been slated for future or not. Constant requests will keep it high on priority, if nothing else.

This is a product on a market that responds to consumer demand and request. It’s not like I’m proposing something radical here. Imagine telling campaigners of any rights movement that their requests have been noted, slated for the future, and you can all go home now please. I know this is trivial by comparison, but shouting me down for requesting a feature is a bit silly.

I have taken the point about thread though and posted it in the appropriate Wish List one.


We’ve been explicitly asked by the L&L staff to NOT do this. It’s a way to get results, yes, but perhaps not the results you want.

At the end of the day, we are guests here in these forums, and if we are burdensome guests who make more work than we are worth, we may find the forums limited. KB’s house, KB’s rules.

If you don’t like it, go develop your own software.

In terms of changes made to existing software, this can have an effect. One of my favourite productivity apps made a baffling decision to remove certain features in its latest major version, which affected a lot of users. Over the next year there was quite a lot of noise on the forums about reversing this, despite strong pushback from the developers and other users who couldn’t see the problem. Eventually, the developers quietly re-implemented the majority of the features.

It’s a different story if you’re requesting brand new features. Sometimes these just aren’t feasible, and its best in those instances to listen to the developers and support staff on that.

Unless you are explicitly asked by a moderator to stop – which is unlikely given the light touch approach on these forums – you should feel free to request anything. Keep an eye out for responses by the developers/support staff, they’re a good barometer of what is or isn’t possible, or planned.

I really don’t think this is appropriate, sorry. I am helping troubleshoot and find bugs, therefore develop the software. I am also helping develop it by suggestion new functionalities that will probably be appreciated by other users. And finally, I am a user of the software, have paid for my copy, am invested in the company and product and are therefore entitled to my opinions and suggestions. ‘if you don’t like it go elsewhere’ I find unnecessarily confrontational, dismissive and frankly bad practice, as feedback is what these forums are for, to a large extent.

I’ve said I will try to post in the appropriate places, but this isn’t my job and so I’m not going to get it all absolutely right, unlike more avid users or the Scrivener team themselves. I am sure they expect as much. If I were so insistent on rules in my job (VFX), insisting that a client either deliver me videos and files how I want them or I won’t work on them then I’d quickly see my clients disappear.

I am being perfectly civil and trying to engage in a positive way with a product I like, use and endorse. I am finding your attitude and reaction to this odd, to say the least. If a moderator wants to remove my messages or penalise me somehow, fine - but I’m not going to respond to any further comments.


Thanks for explaining. Yes that all makes sense, and I was a bit surprised at certain reactions to my suggestions and feedback. Odd. But I shall continue feeding back, and will try to do so according to this forum’s etiquette - although I will prob get some things wrong. Human.


Happy to help. The only etiquette expected is to be polite, even if some of the reactions to your suggestions were not! One other reason that occurs to me for never being afraid to post your requests or suggestions is that you might learn of an alternative method for achieving the same thing that is already possible in Scrivener. Watch out especially for replies from Kewms and AmberV, they’re Scrivener support staff and know its feature set inside and out.

Here’s the disconnect, and why you’re getting the attitude.

Yes, you have the right to provide feedback and suggestions and that is AWESOME that you are doing so!

Yes, the forums are a learning curve, and few of us (if any) expect people to get it right from the get-go.

However, when you suggest a line of behavior, are explicitly told that it is a behavior that L&L have requested us to not engage in here, and then say, " I still disagree with your opinion. Sorry. I think constant requests and (polite) consistent pressure is one of the best, tried and tested ways of getting results," you’re going to get pushback at that point.

Us being told by L&L that voting behavior is not encouraged and that it does not positively impact the development of Scrivener is not an opinion. It’s a fact. When another forum member shares that with you, they are trying to help you learn more effectively how to structure your feedback. Insisting on the discouraged behavior doesn’t demonstrate that you are trying to be helpful – it demonstrates that you are trying to be right at all costs. We’ve seen plenty of people come here through the years who say all the right things but at the end of the day behave badly, in ways our hosts here have explicitly asked us not to do, and thus make the experience less enjoyable and productive for everyone.

If that’s not how you meant to come across, then perhaps you need to reflect and reword what you said. There are all sorts of effective ways of working within the limits that L&L have laid down here to effect changes – even changes that were initially resisted. But “I don’t care what you said not to do, I think this is the most effective way to get what I want” is NOT, in fact, the way to get KB on board.

And here’s why you’re getting a minimal response:

I didn’t (and won’t) read past this, as I find it ridiculously arrogant.

Feel free to try again. Not holding grudges; but not entertaining 'tude.

And that’s the problem. As nicely as Devinganger tried to put it, you responded with ‘tude’.

He simply pointed out that various people have explained to you KB’s prior statements on continuously asking, posting ‘me too’ to requests is not how he makes decisions. But still you (and one or two others) ignore the advice and insist yours is the only way and screw KB’s polite statement on the topic.

Engaging in a behavior that the founder has specifically asked us not to do, and then getting upset and defensive when you are called on it no matter how gently (or not), is your own form of 'tude. If you don’t want it, don’t give it.

At any rate, enough of wasting the forum’s time. Now that I know that you’re smarter than all the rest of us put together, I don’t need to burn my time trying to help you.