Version 2 to Version 3 upgrade discount?

Hi all,
I believe my MBP automatically updated my Scrivener 2 to Version 3 after I installed Catalina, so I’ve received a prompt from Scrivener 3 that I am unlicensed and need to buy a license or upgrade from Scrivener 2. I upgraded from Scrivener 1 (bought in 2012) to Scrivener 2 in 2016, but now the application is telling me that I’m not eligible for a discounted upgrade. I have an education license, if that makes a difference. Anyone know what the issue is? I’ll pay the full price for the Version 3 license if I have to, but I’m a college student without a job (currently studying abroad) so it would be really nice to have that 45% off :neutral_face:

An OS update won’t have updated Scrivener for you, so unless you downloaded Scriv3yourself, I’m not sure how that could have happened. Very strange.

Some info on upgrade discounts here: … -for-macos

Probably worth sending an email to support about this, as they tend not to deal with licenses in the public forum.

Lol. I emailed support; they said I have a Version 3 license already. I guess it was actually the update to Catalina that caused the license prompt. Embarrassed that I don’t even remember upgrading to Scrivener 3 in the first place… :blush:

:laughing: .

Some more information on the upgrade to Catalina and licensing here: