Version 2 User not wanting to upgrade to version 3

OK, so I bought Scrivener 2 about 3 years ago and have been using it happily.
I had a gap of about 12 months where I didn’t;t use it and when I picked it up again, I noticed that a new release was out and was offered a trial. I have signed up for the trial and have about 22 days left on it.

However, I am pretty certain I am not going to update as for me, the new software isn’t as significant enough of a leap to justify the cost. Therefore I would like to go back to using Scrivener 2, which I already own.

The problem is, that both versions on my Mac, now appear to be test versions of Scriv 3 and my copy of Scriv 2 appears to have disappeared.

I am now rather worried that I will be unable to access my projects when the 22 days trial runs out without being forced to purchase Scrivener 3.

Can anyone reassure me that this will not be the case?

Can anyone advise me how I restore Scrivener 2 to my Mac?


Go here, click on the “Previous Versions”, and get the latest version 2 release:

Before you install it, save any projects you’ve changed using version 3 into version 2’s format. Version 3 has this function under the File menu, I believe (never even tried to use it myself, so I’m not sure where it is).

Install your older version 2, delete version 3 of Scrivener from your computer, and you’re good to go. Be sure to archive the version 3 copies so you don’t accidentally try to open them months from now and get an error about not being able to open them.

FYI, you will eventually have to upgrade, once you’re running a sufficiently new Mac OS, as the old code is going to be less and less compatible with the changing infrastructure of Mac OS in the future. At that time, you should still be able to get the nearly 50% discount, so there’s no rush.

Thanks, that is hugely helpful.

I know that at some point I am going to have to upgrade, the problem is, apparently I have missed the window for upgrading from Version 2 to Version 3 with a 50% discount, and will need to pay the full amount. Therefore, I am keen to get as much use out of Version 2 before I am forced to spend the money which, is £50 over here - about $70 USD and as a writer, it’s a lot of money for me.

This might be incorrect, but during my sabbatical it appears I missed the discount window.

Actually, it is incorrect. What the change to Paddle has meant is that Mac-users can no longer buy the Windows version at a discount and vice versa. If you go to the L&L website you’ll find “Upgrade from older version”, still giving a 45% discount, … -for-macos