Version 3.2.1 keeps crashing

Hi everyone,

I updated to the new version a couple of days ago, and it began with problems. I first had problems because the editor’s display was larger than my screen and I lost the slider bar as well as the split screen icon (it did this only in Scrivener). I posted a thread, but it sorted itself out. I really have no clue how. :confused: :open_mouth:

I thought that was the only problem, but all day today Scrivener has been crashing on me no matter the project I’m working on. I’m simply writing, not adding photos, pdfs, or anything complicated, then it just crashes. :frowning: I sent the log reports.

I also have problems with the split screen, any time I tried to use it, Scrivener crashes :frowning: . It worked fine before, and is something I used a lot. I’m temporarily substituying with quick reference but it’s not the same. :neutral_face:

I already tried the solution posted by Katherine in another thread about Scrivener crashing, but there’s no change. I hope there’s a solution so I can keep working.

Please open a support ticket, and include a copy of the crash report:


Thanks, I do that on the next crash.

It crashes for me 100% of the time on launch. I submitted the details at that link, but definitely not a one-off.