Version 3.3.6 the tab key jumps out of the document, it doesn't work in the document

Version 3.3.6 the tab key jumps out of the document, it doesn’t work in the document

It would help to know what version of macOS you are using, as I see nothing like that in macOS 13.6.0.

Secondly, could you describe in greater detail what it means for the tab key to “jump out”? I presume you mean the keyboard focus by that, not the actual piece of plastic from the keyboard itself. Yes, I’m being a bit silly, but hopefully it illustrates how there isn’t a good description of what is happening. If you type, what happens, if you try to move the cursor with the arrow keys what happens? Are there any visual changes you can see.

As a general troubleshooting step, whenever the keyboard or shortcuts get weird, log out of your account and then log back in, holding down the Shift key immediately after pressing Enter on the password field. Keep it held until fully logged in, and then, doing nothing else, launch Scrivener and attempt to reproduce the problem. This will see how it behaves with no other software or utilities running.