Version 3 Fatal Crash

Downloaded V3 several days ago, imported a largish file (Book 1 of a trilogy ALMOST complete in Word). Started editing, breaking into chapters, tweaking, and so on. Worked better than l expected for a couple of sessions. Was gaining a bit of confidence and climbing the learning curve, so to speak. The last time I tried to open Scrivener, it just kept churning…for hours. Will not load or anything else. I can’t open it at all.

Since this happened, I’m completely unimpressed and becoming somewhat miffed. Is there a solution other than nuking the whole thing and starting over? And will this be a common occurrence?

Thanks very much,
Some Random Guy

Hi. You’re describing a project that is not opening, though the subject line refers to a fatal crash. So it’s not clear if those are the same thing, or just what you are experiencing.

Either way, I believe that by default Scrivener will create a backup each time you close a project. That would be able to get you back to where you were the last time you closed a project, or to the time before that, if necessary.

Have you tried that? The current backup location can be found at File → Options → Backup.