Version 3 for Mac: Can I display metadata values in the main editor or the composition window?

In other words, suppose I have not decided the last name of my character and want to make it a custom metadata item. Or, suppose, I want to see custom metadata PoV within my text.

In the Main Editor or in Composition Mode, can Scrivener display theses values within the editors, not just their metadata names?

TIA for any assistance.

No. The substitution of those values happens at the time that you compile. You’ll have to keep the inspector open to the custom metadata pane, or you’ll need to split your editor and load the outline view with your custom metadata field added as a column. Note that to see your document’s metadata, you’ll have to select the container of your document.

You can configure Scrivener to open whatever document(s) you select from an outline view in the other editor split, so that can be handy.

Thank you.