Version 3 Update Problems

I’m fairly I/T fluent, but the Version 3 update is a problem.

First it remembers nothing. Upon updating, it referred back to documents vs. the folders I’d specified. Not good. I ended up with an old version of a document and wondered what had happened until I analyzed this.

Also, the templates keep coming up, vs. going to where I had specified. Probably a similar problem.

Still, this is not easy. I’m knowledgable so I can figure it out, but this should be a transparent upgrade and it is not.

Also, many things have changed that will confuse people. For example, meta tags are only available if you click on an icon now, vs. being obvious.

I expected better.

I also had to forage for a version of . to figure all of this out. For others, they will be lost.

Do you mean Open > Recent documents list? If it “remembers nothing”, how did you end up with an old “known” document? I’m not sure if S3 is supposed to import the S2 recent documents list or not (a list I think managed by macOS, not the application)…

This is I think the default behaviour for S2 and S3 if you open it without a document specified. This is controlled in Preferences:

There is a special section of the interactive tutorial, Appendix E of the new user manual, a series of blog posts and new video tutorials. Scrivener 3 is a major update, including substantial improvements.

Thinking about this I do wonder if in Project Templates > Getting started, there shouldn’t be a seperate tutorial which only details the changes in V3 (with links to the relevant manual sections etc.). The current “Whats New” is a collection, not visible by default, in the general interactive tutorial.

Yes, things have changed, because their functionality has been improved. S3 is harder to adapt to for old Scrivener users, and it will require some effort to relearn things that have changed; I can’t see how you could make this “transparent”. S3 tries to import as many settings and presets as possible, but in some cases it is better to recreate things manually (formatting presets > styles; compile format presets > compile formats)…


I think what might have helped would have been a “here’s what you need to do to move to v3, not all things transfer.”

A lot of the preferences don’t transfer. For example, default directory, goes back to documents. That’s where I found an old version, before I customized where I wanted scrivener files to go.

It is probably as simple as creating a specified directory again, but most major upgrades, even with significant changes, transfer things like this.

I will get it all set up my way again, but I was surprised how many things did not get moved forward.

Anyone else constantly sending the updates@LL an E-mail with your proof of purchase and getting a “view cart” E-mail reply that takes you to a screen that gives the same “E-mail not found” error?

any way to get the old version back with all the files lost in the “upgrade”?

There’s an upgrade tutorial project here:

You can download a copy of Scrivener 2 here:
Scrivener 3 doesn’t overwrite Scrivener 2’s preferences files, it creates new ones, so your old settings should be right where you left them.


No files are lost in the upgrade. Scrivener doesn’t touch any of your projects until you ask it to. However, because Scrivener 3 is a separate app with a new internal ID, it will not show any of your Scrivener 2 projects in the Recent Projects menu. You will need to load them manually before they do so. The Upgrade Guide to which Katherine links above explains this and how to run 2 and 3 side-by-side.

Open recent is not working properly. The project I have just closed does not show.