Version Number in Scrivener Generated .pdf file?

Hello, Scrivener. I can’t find this in the manual so I thought I would ask here.
This is from the Finder “Info” command executed on a .pdf generated via a Scrivener compile. (Scrivener 3.1.5 on macOS 10.15.4) Where is this “version number”…

…being generated? Is this something that can be configured or is automated in Scrivener? I’m deep in the editing and submission process on several projects and keeping version control of the many ,pdfs I create would be rather dandy!

That refers to the PDF version being used, it’s not in relation to the document metadata. Version 1.3 (old, but very compatible) is what the macOS export engine uses.

Ah. That was puzzling because I had others with version 1.4.

Pshaw. Oh well!