Version of Scrivener that runs on Mac OS 10.7?

I own the current version of Scrivener (under license).

Is there an older version of the program that still runs on Mac OS 10.7?

If so, is it available to download? And can it read project files created or modified by Scrivener 3?

I ask because in a few weeks (and for a month or so) I may be limited to an older machine running 10.7.5.


I’m sorry, no.

You could export from Scrivener 3 to the Scrivener 2 format, which Scrivener 2.9 can read, but Scrivener 2.9 only goes back to Mac OS 10.9.

Scrivener 2.5 will go back that far, and is still downloadable, but it can’t read the Scrivener 2.9 format and there’s no back-conversion path. You’d also run into license issues if you needed it past the trial period.

If you can get access to a Windows machine, that might be a viable alternative. Between the current Windows release version and the Win Scrivener 3 beta, we support all versions of Windows from Windows 7 forward.

If that’s not an option either, I’d advise using the File -> Export -> Files command to export your entire project(s). That will create a folder structure that duplicates your Binder hierarchy. Very tedious to glue things together without Scrivener, obviously, but at least you’ll still have access to your work.


Thanks, Katherine.