Version update leading to old projects being 'read only'


Apologies if this is a problem that’s been posted on before but I haven’t been able to find it if so. I’m using a Macbook running Tiger, and haven’t used Scrivener since November. When I opened the application this morning, and tried to open my existing projects, I get the following message:

‘The document could not be opened. The project is not writable. Scrivener does not support read-only projects.’

I haven’t experienced this before and haven’t done anything with any permissions as far as I’m aware…

Eek! Help!

Thanks in advance


(1) make a copy of your Scriverner file.
(2) Move copy to your desktop
(3) Go to copy and first highlight the file. Select GET INFO and make sure you have Read and Write Permissions. If it says under your name READ only change it to Read and Write.

Test copy.

Great, digging around in the permissions fixed it. Thanks!!