Versions (Subversion client)

Has anyone seen the new Cocoa interface for Subversion called Versions?

Looks interesting. I’ve never used Subversion, but have been considering it, and this may just sway me.


Wow, thanks for the hint.

After the debate some weeks ago about subversion, certainly worth a try.


Looks great! Hope the beta gets released soon, would really need this. The one thing I really miss on the mac is a good client for Subversion. SvnX works great but I think it’s quite annoying and I can’t get my head around it. But it could aswell be me who do not understand what I’m doing. =)

At the moment TortoiseSVN is the one thing i envy windows users.

I am a huge fan of TortoiseSVN at work on my Windows machine. The guys at Tigris have a very similar client for OSX available at:

Looks even better. Love doing it from the finder, been using tortoise a few times and really like it. Thanks!

Has anyone seen any sign of life from Made by Sofa regarding Versions? The beta is still not out and they won’t answer my email inquiries. Pity. The app looks promising.