Vertical Alignment

I’m a fairly new user to Scrivener on the Mac but I’m very proficient in Word. I’m trying to find how to vertically align text (easy command in Word), as would be used on a title page. I realize I can just enter a bunch of carriage returns, but surely there must be a more elegant way to accomplish this task.

Unfortunately there is not, and you will note that our templates that feature a title page example do use the carriage return technique. My guess would be that the main issue with implementing something like that is the lack of a concept of page. Unlike a program like Word, Scrivener is purely a writing program, not a desktop publishing hybrid, so you will quite often run into things that can’t be done, like floating image or text boxes that body text can wrap around.

Do note that the View/Show Page View command can pretty closely simulate page layout in a narrow circumstances. One like this is a good example of where it can work, since a title page is by design not dependent upon any content before or after that sheet of paper, and will often use its own custom formatting rather than some universal body font that is being applied when you compile. So you can use that view to get the text in the right spot visually, and it should be pretty close to the output.