Vertical divider

This is a tiny request, and a fairly anal one at that.

I migrated to Scrivener after using Mori for a while. Mori was fine; Scrivener is just better.

However, Mori used a vertical divider identical to the vertical divider in To me this seems a lot more pleasing to the eye than the thicker divider with the central ‘handle’ used in Scrivener. (However, I think using the thick divider for the horizontal split is fine.)

I told you it was a pretty anal thing to get hung up on. I guess, rather than this being a wish list item, I wondered if there was any way to customise Scrivener to use the simple vertical divider.

I actually made a design decision against this sort of divider. I tried it out on an earlier version of Scrivener… Here is a screenshot of that earlier (never released) version: … ner03b.jpg

I think it looks great on programs such as Mail, but I felt that in Scrivener, I preferred a clearer visual separation between the binder and the main text area. The single-pixel line makes the text and the binder into a near-indistinguishable element. So, although many programs are heading this way, for now I want to try to hold off. I much prefer the old-fashioned divider for that visual distinction in this case.

All the best,