Vertical split browser view and hoist in one view


Has Apple given you one of these Maria?


I’m so sorry Sensei! Didn’t mean to make you sad! On the bright side it’s probably vaporware. And you know, it’s all a question of what you’re used to. My 24 plus 17 setup is feeling a bit cramped after a few months, but – at the other end of our very long desk on a saturday night- Louise feels like the new 19" NEC she has attached to her 12 inch pbook feels big as texas. It’s like disk space, you cannot have enough screen real estate.

And if you’re not using diual screen now you will not regret it.

Cheer up :slight_smile:


It might be vapour-ware, but one thing I noticed on Apple’s web site is that the price of their Cinema Displays has roughly halved (I think?). Dell still has better prices, and a sale going on. You could go up a level to the 24" monitor and still fare cheaper than Apple’s 19" monitor. The 24" is nice, too. You can swivel it around into portrait mode, and it has card readers on the side; handy if you have a digital camera.

Plus aren’t the next versions going to have ISight built in? Maybe that’s why they cut the prices. BTW Louise’s 19 NEC seems great and was around 250 CDN – pretty cheap.


Eiron, AmberV,

Thanks for your support. Now I have an I/O data 19" speaker included monitor on my desktop, and I am exploring the wide range of monitor real estate. I have been working in the graphic design business for some time, so it is not unfamiliar, but Eiron, there is a grain of salt in my feelings…

Back to my request: I would like a Binder with split view (horizontal or vertical? I mean: top and below) and the ability to hoist.


All the best,

Uh… Sorry, but this is unlikely to happen in the near (or medium-term) future. Maybe 4.0? :slight_smile: Keeping two copies of the binder in sync is non-trivial, and hoisting inside the binder would sort of go against the philosophy of the binder itself.