Vertical text alignment with math formulas

Hi everyone,

I’m writing my PhD using Scrivener, I started with Word and I clearly prefer Scrivener, so first of all HUGE thanks to the team for providing that software (and for updating the v3 to Windows just in time for me and my PhD Ms writing :wink: ).

Just a little thing that bothers me. So I saw that in the Windows version, it is not possible to do MathType equations (though there is the button in the “Insert” menu), OK not a problem. I typed my equation in another text editor (Libre Office, as it permits to fully write it without hybrid click-button thing of Word) and copied/pasted it into my Scrivener text. The sole little problem is that, considering it as an image, the text is vertically aligned to the bottom of the image by default.

So I have two questions :

  • first, do you intend to port MathType in Scrivener for Windows ?
  • second, is there a way to set the vertical alignment of text, which is particularly useful while adding in-text image (such as math formulas, but not only !) ?

Thanks a lot.



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