Very newb question: Where to put ideas for novel?

I just purchased Scrivener today and had a very basic question: where do I put my ideas for a novel in Scrivener?

I know there are many, many ways of using Scrivener, so there may not be just one answer.

I didn’t know if putting ideas for a novel in the Chapter section of the Binder was acceptable or perhaps using the Project Notes in the Inspector.

Sorry for the very newbie question. I really did search the forums before posting this!

I have never written anything beyond poems, so please forgive my ignorance.

I always had ideas for novels before,but the very idea of starting a novel made me stop before even getting started.

Scrivener seems to be the answer to my prayers.

Thank you.

You can put it anywhere you like!

Find something that works for you, otherwise you’ll never find your notes back :wink:

Depending on what type of notes, I do the following:
( I should add that I use Greg’s Structured Story Development template a lot, you can read about it in this thread )

  • Characters have their own little area, so notes about characters go into that file

  • For the other ideas I create a new file (called ‘ideas’, place it anywhere) and in that I’ll write a short reminder of the idea, let’s say “monster under the bed”. I then select the line and press CMD-L, which will create a note in the ‘notes’ area of the binder (and will create that area if it does not exist yet) and open up a new file in the alternate editor. There I type out my idea. When done, I close the other editor, or continue to do something else.

I move the ‘ideas’ file to the notes area, just to make sure the notes stick together. Whenever I get a new idea, I’ll write a short sentence on a new line, select, and press CMD-L again. This way I get a list of ideas, and the items on the list actually link to the worked out idea.

I only recently discovered this, so I have not done it much, but it has solved my recurring problem of where to put my ideas.

Hopes this helps!


ps. Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard scrivener.
I was wondering if youve gone through the Scrivener tutorial. If you havent don`t go any further, untill you have.
Also the Help File and FAQ in Tricks&Tips FAQ Forum has buckets of info. Give em a good looking at :wink:
Take care

There are no “rules” to using Scrivener, and any document you create can always be moved elsewhere if need be. Just create a document anywhere and start writing/making notes. By the time you’re ready to start worrying about where things should go, you’ll have more experience using Scrivener and probably have your own ideas of where to store it for reference :slight_smile:

I hate myself for saying this.

Listen to vic-k. If you have pressing idea use pen and paper until you understand a little about scriv. The tutorial is a great start and once you get through that you will be able to bring your notes in with a cohesiveness that makes them usable. And you probably wont need the pen and paper step again (unless you like it).

That out of the way, watch out for that pirate dog. He is normally a trouble maker and will involve you in in his schemes as soon as he gets a chance. Honestly though, I am not much better. :smiling_imp:

Welcome to scriv.

Thank you all for the helpful replies. Tannie, thank you. I will try that.

Whew! I was afraid I was going to get flamed for sure. Thank you all for being so kind.

A pirate dog. I won’t even ask about biting and booty!!

Grrr!! :smiling_imp:

I use Backpack to store my ideas. Specifically I have a page imaginatively called ‘ideas’ and I just create a note for new ones. I actually store all cool ideas here, not just writing related in hope that they multiply like bunnies.