Very simple snapshot question

As I’ve written before I am currently engaged on the biggest book I’ve ever attempted in my life - the novel of the 20 hour series The Killing. How I would begin to tackle this mammoth task without Scrivener is beyond me.
But I have a question. I now have a first draft which runs to nearly 240K words with multiple snapshots for each of its many scenes. I will now embark on a revise using a fresh save as version. But I really don’t need all these multiple snapshots. Is there some simple way to get rid of stores snapshots en masse? I can’t find it and it’s quite time-consuming to get rid of each one.
It may be I don’t need to get rid of each one of course and I’m just being anal. But this thing is so £^&^&%^ big it does seem a bit sluggish at times even on my new iMac (bought for the project).

Hi David,

There’s no way of getting rid of snapshots en masse in Scrivener, I’m afraid, no. You can delete all snapshots via the Finder, if you need to, by ctrl-clicking on the .scriv package, selecting “Show Package Contents”, and then deleting the “Snapshots” folder. That will delete all snapshots in the project though.

Whereabouts are you seeing sluggishness?

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I did wonder about doing the package thing but didn’t want to break anything. If I delete the Snapshots folder will it then recreate itself when I want to do Snapshots again?

I don’t think the sluggishness was anything to do with Scrivener now I think about it. I was running the videos in a separate screen while writing, which is pretty heavy going. But I also had Wuala doing encrypted backups which was an enormous resource hog. Once I kill Wuala things seem to be fine.

I honestly don’t know how the hell I could have done this without Scrivener, Keith. Thanks a million -again !

Yup, that’s totally safe to do. Everything Scrivener needs to know about Snapshots are stored inside that folder, so deleting it erases all trace of their ever existing. When you next use the snapshot feature, the folder and support files will be regenerated.

As Ioa says, that’s totally safe - it’s one of the few things that are safe to delete from the package because there are no other references to snapshots other than in that folder. Great to hear that the sluggishness doesn’t seem to be Scrivener-related. If you are viewing the videos in Scrivener in a split view, then that can slow things down sometimes (although I’ve made some improvements on that today, funnily enough).

And I’m just pleased to know that the Killing novel is going so well in Scrivener - as you know, I loved the series, and I’m quite enjoying the US version, too, so I’m chuffed that Scrivener is being used to write the novel, and it’s great to hear that it’s helping.

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Watch videos in separate window using MPlayer X on another screen. Minute by minute it’s the only way.

Wuala was the resource problem without a doubt. Was eating up more memory the longer I left it open. Thanks for your Killing feedback!