Very slow first startup of the day

Scrivener 3.0 Beta is very slow to start up. I timed it today and it takes 28 seconds (!) after double-clicking the Scrivener icon before I get the ‘this beta version expires on …’-message.

Additional details:

  • Happens with version: Beta (899097) 64-bit.
  • Occurs with every of the 6 projects I have.
  • It only happens during the first launch of the day.
  • Computer resources are low during this time; CPU remains under 10%.
  • It does not happen when my computer is offline.

Given that this only happens the first time I launch Scrivener during a day, and doesn’t happen when offline, I think that this slowness happens because of Scrivener checking for an update.

My computer does not have a poor internet connection or trouble reaching websites. (I also don’t use WiFi.)

Do other persons experience the same behaviour?

Thanks for your input and have a nice weekend,

Nope. I haven’t noticed such a thing. I load scrivener to the project screen and from there select the project, so I’m NOT loading a project, just the what project do you want screen. The expiration notice always appear in under 2 seconds.

28 seconds is suspiciously close to a default socket time out value of 30 seconds. Are these projects on the local disk or on a network drive?

Thanks for the replies!

The projects are on my local SSD drive, so there shouldn’t be a problem there.

I haven’t noticed any slow startups. I also have Scrivener installed on an SSD and it’s very fast.

You could try re-indexing the projects (File -> Save and Rebuild Search Indexes), but I think that won’t help.

Because the delay is before Scrivener has actually opened the project, I suspect the installation is corrupted somehow (not sure how, but things happen).

Try reinstalling Scrivener? Download RC4 anew from the link in [url]], uninstall Scrivener, delete the Program Files folder it was in, and reinstall to a new folder location (Mine is in “ScrivenerRC4”).

One other option, depending on what type of SSD you have, you might try running a full scan of the drive itself to rule out some underlying problem concerning the drive.

As I have two Samsung ones I am only able to do a full drive scan on the 860 vs the 970 which is not allowed.

Are you having network issues? Could it be the update server timing out?

Thanks for the suggestions! But the problem only happens with the first launch of the day, not the other Scrivener launches during the day. If Scrivener or the drive would indeed be broken, then the other launches of the day should also be slow?

I don’t have network issues. Although that doesn’t rule out that I cannot connect to Scrivener’s update server. Does someone know the address of that server so I can ping?

I obviously have no trouble accessing since I’m typing here now. :slight_smile:

Issue still happens with RC 11.

If you want to test the startup, in File > General >Startup, you can uncheck Automatically check for updates