very slow on a netbook


I’m running scrivener on a samsung n230 netbook (upgraded to 2Gb), and have run previous versions of scrivener fine.

1.7, though, I find extremely slow. It’s responsive in the menus and switching between part-screen to full-screen - but really slow when I type.

For example: I can clatter my fingers over the keys and not see anything appear, even after 20s or so. When I let my fingers up, scrivener thinks about it for about 5s, then all letters appear at once. I’ve tried this on word pad and the response is instant. Also, if I hold a key down, nothing happens for a while, then letters appear all in a bunch.

I type pretty fast (over 60wpm), so it’s a bit disconcerting to type for a while, and see nothing come up on the screen till I stop.

I’ve turned off all auto checking, spellchecks, etc and also upped the time between saves, but nothing seems to make a difference.

As I say, I had no issues with previous versions. This is, in fact, the first version I upgraded properly, by deleting everything before loading the new version - up to now I just clicked the exe.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or do you think its’ something to do with my netbook configuration?

What OS are you running?

I run Scrivener in Win 7 Ultimate on a N455 with 1 GB of ram and it runs great. I’ve run Scrivener 1.4 through 1.9 on this machine. When I bought it it had XP and ran like a dog (some of that was due to HP’s crapware).

I’m using Windows 7 starter (the one that won’t even let you change the background picture), and AVG free antivirus. I disabled every other program I could, but they didn’t seem to make a difference.

But, as I’ve just noticed Scrivener’s gone to 1.9, I’ll try that first :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with Win 7 Starter. I do assume that it operates smoother than XP, but who knows how MS crippled it (besides the only 3 apps thing). AVG may very well be hurting you if the real time file protection is turned on.
If you still have problems running 1.9, try turning off AVG and see if that fixes things. If it does, then you can beat AVG like a red-headed step-child until it respects your authority. :wink: