Very small but valid sync thing

Reallly enoying iOS and Win10 Scrivener, back and forth for the value of variety and to suit situations.

I have a project with two documents worked on last night on iOS. When opened this morning on Win10, the first document was selected, but I noticed I was editing the second one, as that was the one showing in the editor.

This might be a glitch either in iOS as far as what’s sent to cloud, or more probably in Win10 as far as remembering not just which document is being edited, but to mark it in the Binder as the one.

In a more complex project, of course, this could be more confusing – multiple folders, 'Draft’s, etc…

Cheers, all,

Glad you’re enjoying the iOS/Win back and forth. The behaviour you’re seeing here is expected, not a bug; I replied more fully in the other post on this here.

Ok, I see the difficulty – and nice enough workarounds.

Actually there seem to be a variety of good and interesting things to be found on SiOS by tapping on various titles…

Keith’s little easter eggs, I think :wink:

Thanks, Jennifer,