Very strange behavior with superscripts

I don’t know if this is a problem with my computer or with Scrivener, but I am getting very strange behavior with superscripts.

I type a line that starts with a superscript (choose Format:Font:Baseline:Superscript, type “18”, choose Format:Font:Baseline:Use Default, type the rest of the line). What I find is that with some fonts (eg, Myriad Pro) and for some characters (eg, “a”, “o”, and the digits), those characters are superscripted even though they shouldn’t be. This is very disconcerting, as I am using Myriad Pro extensively (I can and will change that).

My question is whether this is a bug peculiar to my computer, or if it is an issue with Scrivener. I am using MacOS 10.7.4 and latest Scrivener.

This bug only seems to occur when the superscript follows a carriage return.
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 13.51.14 .png

Woah - that is a weird one! I have reproduced this in TextEdit, so it’s clearly a bug in the OS X text system. I can only reproduce it with Myriad Pro so far, so, before I submit this as a bug to Apple, can you reproduce it with any other fonts at all?


Yes, Bell Gothic Std. I’ll send others shortly.