Very strange highlighter bug(??)

Hello all,

Not sure if this is a bug - or something that has changed my side. Also - bit difficult to work out if this is on the macOS or iOS side.
MBP >> Scrivener through MAS, running Sierra 10.12.1; iPad Pro >> iOS 10.1.1

I opened up Scrivener on the Mac.
Split a section up. Typed a few new paragraphs, in the newly created section.
Synced it. Closed Scrivener.

On the iPP, opened it up after the sync.
The text of part I had just split and worked on, the two new paragraphs added AND several paragraphs ABOVE where I was working, all the way back to a previously made highlight, now have a white background, as opposed to the sand-brown the editor background is supposed to have. :question:
The rest was still as expected - black text on a sand-brown background.
So I’m thinking something has gone wonky with the preferences of the editor background.

So I exited Scrivener on iOS - it synced - and went back to the Mac, to try and sort things out.

At first, I thought it might have been triggered by Dragon Dictate, which I was using at the time.
After quitting everything, and re-opening, the issue remained.

So I jump into the preferences, and play around with the Editor Background colour.
All change as expected, EXCEPT the effected parts, still with a white background.

Then it dawns on me that the white background ‘stops’ at a previously highlighted section (in yellow).
When I noticed that - I selected all the text with the white background, and “de-selected” the highlight - and voilà, it works.

So all returned as it should - not the Editor Background that has changed, but somehow the text has been selected and changed to a white highlighter.
Synced again, exit Scrivener on macOS.

Open up on Scrivener on the iPad - white highlighting is back again. :open_mouth:
This time, I selected the highlighted text on the iPad, and chose the un-highlight from the pop-up iOS menu - and all returned to normal.
Closed and synced.

Back on the Mac - white highlighted sections have returned? :unamused:

Any suggestions? What keeps on bringing the white highlighting back?



Thanks a bunch!

Relieved it’s not only me - did a cursory search for similar issues, but obviously missed that.

Will wait it out then. A tad annoying (only since Scrivener is normally so fine-looking :slight_smile: ) but no biggie.