Very Weird bug?

Hi all,

Recently, I lost a significant portion of work. notes, text, everything. While this is odd in itself for scrivener, I wrote a significant portion of that work over several days and not one. At the end of that work-section, I even compiled manuscript and saved the document onto my mac. I opened it, too, to make sure it exported correctly.

Vacation time and a few weeks later, I come back to scrivener. It’s an old draft AND the compiled manuscript is gone on my hard drive. No record of it ever having existed. I’m at a loss, it makes no sense.

Any ideas to backtrack scrivener or view some kind of history of changes? Other suggestions?

Something outside of Scrivener must be going on here, given that your compiled document is missing. Scrivener wouldn’t have had anything to do with it once the document was compiled; it’s not in the Scrivener project or in any way associated with the program at that point. Were you working with an external drive or do you have any automatic backup or sync software running? Also, which version of Scrivener are you running? 2.0 by default makes backups of your projects when you close, so if you’re using that and haven’t changed settings you could try checking your backup folder just for kicks. (Stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Backups)

Other things you probably already tried…search for .scriv in Spotlight, check the trash.

I am running scrivener 1.54. I just found it weird that the compiled manuscript AND scivener’s documents were lost. They were in separate places. No external drives, no auto backups or sync software. And yes, I looked for the .scriv and trash.