vi/vim keybindings

I realize there’s probably only a handful of people who’d find this useful, and if I really wanted vim keybindings, I could do “open in external editor.” But vi/vim keybindings would be quite lovely. That way my texts wouldn’t be peppered with things like “:w,” “V129Gy,” and “jjjjjjjcw”

NB: this isn’t to start the age-old flamewar between vi, emacs, and pico. The less said about ed, the better.

This is my biggest wish too… I’m currently using a vim emulation in emacs just to be able to use the vim bindings. Amazing how restrictive it feels to have to use the standard os x settings.

A +1 for embedding vim as a system editor and I’d add LaTeX (or raw) to compilation.


I didn’t think the others were asking for an embedded vim – just vim keybindings in the existing editor.

I have to admit, vim keybindings mode in Scrivener would be the bees knees.