Vic got older again

   ````  ````     ```     `````     ``````   ````   ````    
   ymhm` yddm`   +dyd-   /mhhhhys/``mdhhhhy+-ymdd/.hhmd:    
   dMsM.`mddM`  :Nsyhm`  /MoNhymyNy`Mdhmsdhdm-hNyNmhhN/     
   dMomddmydM` .mhdMydh` /MoMs:MymN`Mddm-dmsM-`sNyydm-      
   dMoNssmhdM``ddhNoMsNs /Modddddd:`Mdydddddo   hNoM:       
   dMsM` dddM`yNoddhddoM+/MsMy/:.` `Mddm/:-`    yMsM.       
   shyh  syyh:hyy/---oyhy/hyh:      hyys        ohyh.                                       
   +ysyyss+` oyyy-/yyyyss/. yyyysyyy-yyyo `yyy+`yyyyso+-`    +yys :yyyo`-yyys   
   yMomodyNd hMsM:oMsmhhdhN/hhddsmyd-Mddd .MsMy.Myddhdhdm:  :NssNo oNhmhNyNd.   
   yMomodymy hMsM:oMsM/-MsNd  dNsM.  MdhmyhNoMy.MyNy`-mhdN`.NymNsN/ /NhhyNh`    
   yMomoydhm-hMsM:oMomdhhdm/  dNsM.  MdhmhhNoMy.MyNy `dhhM.ddhdymyN- /MoNh`     
   yMoN/sdyM/hMsM:oMoNhmymd`  dNsM.  Mddd`.MsMy.MymdyhdhN+ymomdhmyhm`.MoMy      
   smhhhhhy/ ymhm-+mhm:+dhmy` ymdm`  mddy `mhms.mdhhhhs+./mdd+///hhms.mhmo      
   ```````   ````  ```  ````  ````   ````  ```` `````    ````    ```` ```      
  .------`      .------`------.       `.-/+++/:.`         ------.               
  +MMMNMMh     +MMNMMMh:MMMNMMh    `:ymMMNNNNNNMmh/      `MMMNMMd               
   yMMhoMMs   :NMd+MMm.-MMm+MMh   :dMMmyyyhhhhyNMh.       mMM:MMy               
   `dMMoyMM/ .mMm/NMN- -MMm/MMh  +MMmohNMmdhhdNMy`        hMM:MMo               
    .mMM/dMN:dMN/mMM/  -MMm/MMh .NMN:mMm/`    .:          sMM:MM/               
     :NMN/mMNMM+hMMs   -MMm/MMh /MMh+MM/                  +MM:MM-               
      +MMd/NMMssMMh`   -MMm/MMh :MMd/MMs`                 :MM+MM`               
       sMMh+Mh+MMm`    -MMm/MMh  dMMosNMd+:--:+ho                     
       `hMMso/NMN-     -MMm/MMh  .dMMhshdNNNNNmmMs`       hdddddo               
        .mMMsmMM/      -MMNyMMh   `+dMMmdhyyyyhNMMy       NMyyhMy               
         -hhhhh+       .hhhhhho     `-+yhdmmmmdyo:.       yhhhhh+      

(for yesterday)

Hope you had a great day!

Ahh … thank you, young fella,
a gentleman and a scholar …. a gentleman and a scholar, sir.
'twas a quiet peaceful day, Ange in Malta 'til Sat.
A Gurkha Banquet with the kids and their hubs the previous evening.

I spent Sunday, and t’day, too, surrounded by oodles of Sticky-Toffee-Puddings and the obligatory Caramel ice-cream accompaniment. Wot wos that the prince said? “A consumeation devoutly to be wished.”

At this very moment, as I type, I can feel the pull t’ward the fridge in t’ kitchen.

So thank you for the kind wishes, and +dMMmdhyyyyhNMMy NMyyhMy
-hhhhh+ .hhhhhho `-+yhdmmmmdyo:. yhhhhh+ t’you too. Take care

Happy Belated Birthday!

brings alcohol and cake

Congratulations on your birthday, and also on surviving the days since. It’s always the aftermath of celebration which proves most challenging, but you appear to be doing it with aplomb. Well, with puddings at least, not sure why you’d need a plumb… unless it keeps you vertical when you must be.

May the rest of your year be fabulous.

Stacey and Bob,
Many thanks to you both for your kind wishes <----that’s for Stacey … not you Bob :blush:
Take care

Happy B’day, young Vic. I must have missed the actual day — last few days been spent de-drossing the house! — may you have many more sticky-toffee-pudding and caramel ice-cream days!


Mr X

Awwwwwwwww. blushes

Awwwwwwwww. sheds a single, lonely tear

Belated best of, young fella.
Have a happy, err, aftermath.
P.S. Very clever, pigfender.

Listen young-n, aged welders don’t blow kisses at other blokes … only at young ladies …OK … y’got that? Good. Now stop snivelling and gerron with y’ life.

Many thanks, gentle :wink: men

It is, isn’t it :smiley:
If it was me doing that, I’d be cross-eyed after:
ymhm yddm +dyd- /mhhhhys/``mdhhhhy±ymdd/.hhmd:

I know, I know, I’m a day late. Sorry Vic. Happy Birthday to you. Hope you spent your day doing something more interesting than hanging around outside Tesco’s in your Birthday suit? :laughing:

DAy late and a dollar short, as they say. Happy birthday! May the booze and words flow freely!

Happy Birthday, Vic! (Sorry I’m late.)

:smiling_imp: I had a day of fantasy, surrounded by Sticky Toffee Puddings and tubs of caramel ice-cream.

:wink: Hallelujah

You’re not late, sweet thing, you’re 364 days early :smiley:

Thank you all for the kind words :smiley:
Take care

Enough. I leave the forums for a few days and the whole thing goes to, well, this. Birthdays, ice cream, alcohol, puddings, even plums (luckily no thumbs or I’d be really cross at such perverse nursery rhyme bastardry).

What’s worse is that Maude got wind of it all and she is not happy — better keep your door locked Vic, at least until Ange gets back.

Should know better, a man of your advanced years. Tsk.

[size=90]PS Not all elderly welders blow kisses at young women only.

[size=80]PPS Oh, alright, here’s your birthday cake (with candles) iii[/size]

I uh… umm… what’s going on? he’s oldER? The only person that might be considered God’s older (and less respectable) brother has aged again? I thought there was no way that … Oh… Hi vic-k.

And a belated or not-quite-so-early happy birthday. May you have a number more with the happiness of each exceeding your hopes and even your desires.

Yeah, but … see wot she earned her PhD in :smiling_imp:

Never saw m’self as a deity’s sibling, but … now I come to think seriously about it … y’ know, numpt … y’ could be right, for once. :smiley:

I know you both mean well, so I have no hesitation in thanking you both for the kind wishes. :wink:
Take care

You’re incorrigible.

[size=75]Jaysen, I fear he may be onto us. :blush: [/size]

[size=75]I’m afraid so.[/size]