Vic-K, I've got to ask...

…le Directeur.

Are you perchance borrowing Mr. Sartre’s nickname from when he was director of Le Temps Modernes in Paris?

psssst!! Marcus!
You fool!! Do you really think I can not tell a Mammy Jameson sting when I encounter one. Do you really believe Ill reveal my whereabouts, by pointing you towards my reply to the enigmatic Madame Sirens post in Msieur Juddberts thread of Fri 15th June 07: in answer to your question.

Transmogrification to,The Distillation of Pure Evil my present non-being incarnation was aided in no small way, by mingling with the miserable nefarious specimens masquerading as the crew crew of Scrivener.
Sartre and I do have certain things in common, however. Like Sartre, I too enjoy La Chasse, as did his paramour, de Beauvoir. Mere DLucifer!! what a neck to nibble on!! 8) de Beauvoirs, that is, not Satres! And as you are no doubt aware Msieur Marcus: at this very moment, I am engaged in struggles of an existentialist nature :imp:

M. le D: you are, you observe,

Mais oui, so are we all. Consider the date, mon ami, the date.


[size=50]… :shock: .[size=85]I shall not engage this hit man from Mammy Js mob in idle banter, whilst her other henchmen move in and surround me. Je ne suis pas stupide!!! Mere dLucifer!! Donnez-moi la force!! :imp:
I must away and hide on another thread!!
Up Yours!!! Jamesonites