Vic-K where are you? (AKA Cadence's birthday)

I’m ashamed of you Vic … missing the opportunity to wish Cadence a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Cadence!


Congratulations for another spin on the solar merry-go-round!Hang on tight for the next round.

Yes, happy birthday – we’ve missed you – Cadence, I mean …


Oooops!!! Sorry! Been grovelling in gravel and dodging raindrops.

[size=150]Yeah too true![/size] … re=related … re=related … re=related

Happy Birthday Caddy!!! :laughing: Have a gud ‘n’

Hey you guys.
You must mean another Cadence, right?!
Though, strangely, June 8th is my birthday.

Huh! I think I’ve got it now. This must be another Cadence from a parallel universe, whose birthday happens to fall exactly (and quite heavily) on the 8th of June. :open_mouth:

Oh my God. I have an evil doppelganger who stole my birthday!

:smiling_imp: EVilCadence: Shut up, Cady. It’s now my birthday. Mine. Miiiiine. Hahahahaha. :smiling_imp:

They were uh… just getting the doughnuts ready. They needed to be tested and all.

Merry non-doppel.

[size=150]Evil!..looks like y’re too late, [/size]
[size=150]nice Cady’s already scoffed the lot! Haaaaaahehehehehe![/size]

:smiling_imp:EVilCadence: Tested?! MY doughnuts??!!! Or is it more like, tasted? They shall be punished. Now, where’s that red-lightsaber thingy. The one I got from Darth. :smiling_imp:

:smiling_imp: EVilCadence: Oh, no! I’m melting! I’m meeeelting! :smiling_imp:

NiceCady: She’s mixing two different movies. That’s awfully evil of her!

Now seriously (for about a fraction of a second or so):
I haven’t been here for way too long, and then I finally browsed here today, and accidentally found your post. I was sure (and still am) that you were congratulating another Cadence!!! And even if you were, LOL, thanks. And I was very, very silly to stay away. :blush:

And for us there could only ever have been one Cadence! There are two of you? It must be something to do with the meridian. :laughing:


Well. I am a gemini. :smiley: One for Castor, one for Pollux. These guys have some sort of weird swan fetish, though. :unamused:

I thought it was their mother that had the swan festish! :laughing:

I came to the conclusion that it might be your use of Windows as well as Mac that resulted in the emergence of the Jekyll and Hyde personas … or maybe it was the outcome of your erstwhile exchanges with the aforesaid Vic-K and his various trans-moggy-rifications. :smiley:


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You’ve got a point, Mark. That swan-thing must be genetic. Blame Zeus for waking up that dormant swan-gene.

Obviously, being a gemini, I was susceptible to MVPD (Multiple Virtual Personality Disorder) to begin with. :smiley:

Oh ho! Petite Caddy…she ees…how you say…cheeky, non? :smiley:
Le D :smiling_imp: