Video & Audio files won't play in Scrivener


I’m sorry if this query has already been answered elsewhere, but I’m struggling to get audio and video files to play in Scrivener. The formats of the files are mp3 and mp4- I thought these were supported? Is there something I’m missing? I click on the file in the binder and the options to play etc. appear in the editor, but when I click it, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?! Please excuse my stupidity if it turns out to be something embarrassingly obvious!

The odd thing is, when I went through the interactive tutorial the Buzz Aldrin file played without a hitch…

Will the same files play in Windows Media Player (or your favorite media player)?

If not, then it’s likely that even though they’re using the MP3/MP4 file format, they’re not using codecs (the ways the data are compressed inside the file format) that are installed on your system.

Yes, they play just fine in everything else. Not even a moment’s lag.

The problem now seems to be affecting just a few of the video/audio files I’ve placed within a project. There are no differences in format between those that work and those that don’t- all audio is mp3, and the video is mp4.

I’m having the same problem-- none of my audio/ video files will play (but the sample file in the tutorial does). They all play within WMP and VLC, though, all have .mp4 or .mp3 extensions, and are all between 1MB and 7MB.

I can’t find any information on this elsewhere in the forums, and have been searching pretty extensively :confused:

I recommend you to use aneesoft video converter to convert video’s format to other format which your devices can support.