Video/Audio notes

I’ve been using Scrivener for the last couple of months and, to be honest, the only frustration I’ve encountered is with its inability to take direct video/audio notes (using, for example, built-in iSight cameras). I know I can do this in a programme like Journler and then import, but it would be great to do them directly. The thing is, I use the corkboard/index-card system to arrange things like plot, concepts, and backstory, and it would be very handy just to click and rant about an idea that pops into your head at 1.00 a.m., rather than have to type it in. Of course, I may have missed this function in Scrivener’s already extensive feature list, and, if so, please re-direct me. And I’m fully aware this may be a ‘mission-creep’ feature, so I won’t be broken hearted if you consign it to the bloatware bin. Honest.

Many thanks for an outstanding programme, by the way: don’t let Apple’s ADC idiocy grind you down…

Ditto on the wish for direct audio recording, a la MacJournal or Journler. Ditto too on ‘forget it if it’s bloat or too much of a pain or doesn’t fit the vision of Scr. or whatever.’ It’s just that I do make quite a few audio notes, so yes, it would be nice to have it right there.