Video files location

I’ve imported a video file into the Research folder, but I’ve searched the entire PC and all my backups, and cannot find the actual file. I know I once had it in the video folder in File Explorer, but I’ve migrated everything to a new PC and now cannot find it. Perhaps it’s gone, but when I double-click on the video file in Scrivener, it plays fine. Soooo, I wonder where the actual file is. Obviously it is embedded somewhere in Scrivener.

To clarify: It’s in the project folder, not in the Scrivener application. If you have it loaded to an editor, there should be a button in the bottom of the editor frame that will open the video in an “external editor”. Using that, you can, if you want, use the save-as feature of that program to make a copy outside of your Scrivener project while leaving the one in the project untouched.