Video Import Problems

I’m having issues importing a mp4 file into my Research folder. Tried both the File-Import and drag-drop methods, and both times, I get a popup that states:

“Some files could not be imported because they were of an unsupported file type or contained data that could not be read.”

I’ve even tried converting the file to mov and other formats, but nothing seems to be working.

Thanks in advance for any help!

MP4 files should work fine, generally speaking. We use the QuickTime engine to play video files, so the rule of thumb is that if it plays in QT it should work in Scrivener as well (it’s may not be 100% accurate however, as Apple has a bad habit of fixing bugs and other issues in their players/viewers that they do not fix in the libraries everyone else uses).

Out of curiosity, what happens if you drag it into your Project References pane, and then from there, drag it to an editor header bar to load it straight off of the disk? Does it play in full, from 00:00:00 to then end?

Hmm, seems like it’s a specific video-file problem, or a size problem, not sure which (most from same converter, though).

But other mp4 files are importing just fine. Any idea if there are size limitations?

It’s more likely an issue with the encoding than the size. There may be some upper level limit, but it’s probably very huge. MP4 is a container format, which means it can store a variety of different things, kind of like the .mov extension in that regard. There may be some feature or video/audio encoding technique that the QT framework is having troubles with. Does the file play in Finder if you hit the spacebar on it to use Quick Look?