Video intro to Scrivener

KB - great little video introducing Scrivener. Concepts that I couldn’t quite get my head around are now crystal clear. It would be nice to see some advanced videos, too.

Oh, and congrats on the screenwriting element. I’ve written one small script using the BBC Word templates, but this looks much easier and intuitive. I have been toying with turning one of my short stories into a short film script, and it looks like I could just bring the story into Scrivener and work in the single environment.

Great stuff.

Thank you! Hopefully I’ll get some time to do some more advanced videos in the future, but that one in itself took me bloody ages! I’m not exactly a video-editing guru, and doing it all in iMovie was incredibly frustrating…

Like John, I just had a look at the Scrivener introduction movie. It is pretty good.

If you can’t find it on the Scrivener web page - it is very subtly located on the right hand side at the bottom of the features block - in white. Almost invisible.
It really helps a lot. Worth a look.

It is here.

It’s actually a silver-grey and quite prominent on the three or four screens I have checked it on… Maybe you have your brightness control whacked up? :slight_smile:


Have you tried IshowU for the Mac? It costs…but it makes a video directly from what you’re doing onscreen.

You’d still have to edit in I-movie, I guess, but this looks like it should be easier in the first round.

Actually the video was made using IShowU. It’s a great app, and I registered it within minutes of trying it. That was the easy part - it was the editing and synchronising with the voice-over etc that was awkward, because iMovie HD’s timeline likes to change itself whenever you cut something out, thus ruining the synchronisation of everything after the point you’ve edited, and iMovie '08… Well, I don’t think that’s even capable of doing something like this.

Hi Keith,

Actually I am using Dark Adapted - about 80% brightness. I guess I am implying that maybe it could be in red or green or blue to catch the attention of potential customers - it really is very good - lots of sizzle and lots of sausage! It is very informative and leaves you with a positive emotional response - quite a powerful selling tool. The effort was well worth it. It deserves to be signified.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Can you see the iPhoto “Watch Video” button?


It’s not the graphic, but the placement. I had to look long and hard for it as well. So long as you’re not trying to keep bandwidth down, I, too would recommend elevating the prominence of the link. I mean, once November is over and you’ve finished your 50,000 words, you should. Until the end of November, you should stop hanging around here and get writing.

I must say it is an excellent piece of work. If I hadn’t already ponied up the money for Scrivener, the video would help convince me.

I think the placement makes sense. If you are an existing user who first viewed the older page, you probably won’t notice it. If you’re a new user scanning through the overview of features - bang, there it is.


Just watched the vid. Very very well done! I talk a lot about Scriv to friends and colleagues,
but it’s often difficult to give them a taste. Now I can just refer them to the video. Really well
done, mate!


PS Also nice to hear your voice.

Yes Keith, I did find it from the link you gave.


I was looking for it.
It is placed right under the product name.
It is at the top of the panel.

Just thought that because it is so good and so clear it deserves a prominent position on the screen.

I have emailed the link to it to several members of the AWG.

PS: You have just the right voice for the job. It lands delightfully and persuasively on foreign ears.

Is there a download-able version?


Don’t know IShowU, but I was having a look at ProfCast … unfortunately, and typically the 15 day trial period was over before I had time to do anything more than have a squint at it. I’m following the beta testing of version 2.2 but I’m not willing to shell out the spondulicks until it is more stable.
It seems very interesting though. It is intended to be used during a lecture, for instance, though it can be used without being in front of an audience. It brings together keynote or other presentation and other onscreen activity. It can export to QuickTime, iWeb or GarageBand to produce movies or Podcasts. If you’re running Leopard, you’ll need to wait until 2.2 is stable, as the previous version won’t run under Leopard. or

As for iMovie, no, you can’t do that much editing in iMovie08 … if you just want to cobble together some clips quickly, and add a sound-track it seems quick, but for real editing, overlaying different video and so on, you need to use iMovie 06 or else Final Cut Express. I was told that Apple wanted to create more space between the iLife app and the Pro app. At least iLife 06 and iLife 08 can co-exist on the same set-up. '06 can’t read '08 projects though, so you’d have to export everything you want as a .mov or a .dv, then import it into '06, cut it up and do your editing on that.



Hi, I know both iShowU and ProfCast and they would complement each other if you meant to create a movie using both a Keynote (or PowerPoint) slide presentation and Screen-movies. However, Keynote '08 has a recording function already built in and it works very smoothly, so if you have that, you’re all set.