Video tutorials in Help menu

Tutorial videos won’t play: message is “Cant play video file is corrupt”.
Any ideas anyone
Thank you

Hmm, no problems here. What software are you using to play it? Perhaps there is an update for it that will help. I tried VLC and QuickTime.

Thank you for your response
I’m using the help menu in Scrivener I don’t know what other software you might be referring to. There’s a good chance I’m missing something.
I have a Macbook Pro with Quicktime and VLC installed. I don’t get the option of selecting one or the other.

The help menu is a link that points to this page. So what should be happening is a page loading in a browser window, and from there you get a dozen or so videos to choose from. When I click one of those it downloads and then I double-click on it in the download folder to open it in my default player.

Yes that’s the page. When I click on an item it doesn’t download, I get a black page that says file corrupt.

I changed from Firefox to Chrome and it worked. I do have an ad blocker on Firefox which may be the culprit.
Anyway thanks so much for your help.

Interesting, I ran a check with Firefox in safe mode with stock preferences and got the same thing, so it might not be an extension. I would try searching for that error message. I didn’t dig too deeply into it, but it seems to be a fairly well talked about problem, all the way from programmers talking about it to people asking on Q&A sites.

You could right-click and save the link to a file. Or if you prefer streaming, you might not have noticed the link at the top of that page, but we host these (and more) on YouTube.