video updates for Windows & A new feature rundown video requested

I was going over a few videos just to make sure I didnt forget an awesome feature that I might have missed in diving head first into Scrivener (best thing to happen to me since the word processor, seriously. AWESOME TOOL It’s actually the very first thing I install on a new windows machine or my tablets) and I noticed that they were all, or almost all, for the mac version. Windows and Mac has two different interfaces. The preferences especially was unsettling. The page view tutorial mentions a bunch of things that I haven’t found in the Windows version. I understand that they are two different operating systems with a different toolset available to developers but I was really looking forward to seeing how my book would look as a book without having to export to word and stuff. If there is a way to do this that I overlooked I apologize.

Also, I would love to watch a new feature rundown so I dont miss anything, or was it just a major bug fix update? If so what bugs got swapped out of my fave software?