View 2 Consecutive Pages of Same Document

Hi When I go to split the page, it shows the same page on both sides-- the same text is on the left page as the right-- they are the same page in content.

How do I show two consecutive pages, like 23 & 24, on the same screen for the same document?


Once you’ve split the editor, just click in the editor you want to change–you’ll see the header change to blue so you’ll know it’s the one that has the focus–and then scroll the text there or page down or what have you; it won’t affect the other split. You can change the document in a split editor the same as when it’s a single editor, so by clicking in the binder, using the View>Go To menu, etc. (There are ways to set up the binder so that clicking always affects only a specific split, under View>Binder Affects, but by default it should be set to affect “Current Editor”.)