View a Single Line?

I’m currently editing a large document, and I’m hoping to restrict my view to a single line of text.

I thought there was a way to either do this or highlight the active line, but maybe I’m mistaken.

(I understand there is typewriter mode, which centres the current line. That’s OK but not quite what I’m looking for.)

If this is possible, how do you do it?


Hi pancakeanimaltracks,

If you’re using the Windows v1.9 version, there is no way to do this.

If you’re on the Windows 2.9 beta, go to File > Options > Appearance > (Composition Mode or Main Editor) > Enable Highlight Current Line.

Another (less elegant) way of focusing on smaller groups of text is to press F11, which launches Composition Mode (called Full Screen in v1.9). Bring your cursor down to the bottom of the screen until the bottom tool bar pops up. Press & hold the Alt key. The Paper Width control will change to Paper Height. Decrease the Paper Height as much as you can, and only a few editable lines will be displayed. If you’re using v1.9, this approach with Typewriter Mode engaged is probably the closest you will get to what you want.


Hi Jim,

Your first suggestion worked brilliantly. Thank you! :smiley: