View all footnotes, comments etc.

Is there a way to view all the comments and footnotes the entire project at once?

The inspector seems to only show those comments and footnotes for the text unit currently selected. If I chose something higher in the binder tree, for example the document itself, it doesn’t show the comments and footnotes for the entire project.


Select all the documents you want in the binder, or simply click the “Manuscript”-folder, then click the “View as Scrivenings”-button(the one to the left) in the cluster of three buttons labeled group mode (or just type cmd-1). Make sure to have the inspector open in “comments & footnotes”-viewing mode.


It’s not possible currently in the Windows version to view all the inspector comments and footnotes of a Scrivenings session together, though that ability will come. (It’s down to how documents currently have to be loaded for the session, so needs a rewrite of that function.) You can however use File > Export > Comments & Annotations to compile a file of all the comments and annotations in your binder or of just select documents, and you could then import that file into the project if you wanted.

For footnotes, probably your best bet is to use Edit > Find > Find by Formatting and search for inline or inspector footnotes. That will let you jump directly to each note and can go through all your binder documents, and you’ll have the benefit of being able to see the note in context.