View all Snapshots?

Is there a way to view all the Snapshots within the entire document? I’m sure there must be but it’s escaping me at the moment and I’m hopping all around the document trying to find them.

Any help would be appreciated.


Snapshots are already per document, and listed in the Inspector sidebar (click the camera icon to switch to the Snapshots pane). If you mean all of the snapshots in the project, there is no function for that right now. But for now, on the disk each snapshot is stored in its own RTF file, within the Snapshots subfolder of your project. Obviously you don’t want to mess with them directly, but its certainly safe to browse around in there and search the contents.

Thanks for the correction and the answer . I meant to refer to the project.

Okay, a more comprehensive Snapshot management tool is something we’re looking into for the future, but it may be a while yet as it is part of a much larger overhaul for both platforms.