view both Keywords and Document Notes at the same time

While in the main editor, I like the right-hand side-bar that can show Keywords or Document Notes by clicking the little icons at the bottom. I wish there were a way to show both Keywords and Notes at the same time.

It would be nice if within the Inspector panel, we could choose what the different panes would show. For example, I don’t make a lot of use of the General Meta-Data pane, and it would be nice if I could select rather than Meta-Data to have that pane show either Keywords pane or Document Notes pane instead.

I’m using the Windows version, by the way (in case the Mac version offers this already).


  • Ken

There aren’t any plans for this on either platform. It’s one of those things we have on the “if we can do it later” list, as it involves quite a lot of programming and added complexity to put together customisable sidebars (the situation is probably even worse on the Mac, which makes these kinds of multi-view panels very difficult to work with). So I wouldn’t rule it out, but like I say, it’s not on any short term or long term lists right now.

One thing that will help, for those inclined toward the use of keyboard shortcuts, will be the addition of dedicated shortcuts for jumping straight to any Inspector panel (even if it was initially closed), with a second tap of that shortcut to move typing focus to the relevant portion of the panel. Thus you could hit the Document Notes shortcut twice and start typing immediately, or just once if the Notes pane is already visible. Hopefully that sounds like an agreeable compromise to you. I can say from experience that using the Inspector with these shortcuts is fairly frictionless—and I use them a lot—but I am a keyboard junkie. :slight_smile:

The dedicated shortcuts do sound like a reasonable solution. Thanks.

Those keyboard shortcuts would be extremely handy.

I’m learning more and more of Scrivener as I go throught the process of plotting and writing. At the moment I find myself with the binder open, a single editor in outline mode, and the inspector. I’m updating the synopsis and document notes for a large number of pages and am finding life very mousy indeed.

Slightly negative for a first post, but my overall experience with Scrivener is fantastic. It’s one of those pieces of software that just does stuff right. Thank you!